Makin’ Time With The Yanks (2011)

Run Dates

July 14, 2011–July 24, 2011

Header image features: The cast of Makin' Time With The Yanks. LSPU Hall file photo.

Poster by Gerry Porter and Gary Taylor.




  • Alison Woolridge Agnes Lacey/Miss Kent/Irene Reardon/Biddy O’ Toole/NCO’s date
  • Wade Tarling Tom “Lemondrop” Jefferson/NCO
  • Susan Kent May Lacey/Vivian Doyle/Shirley Saunders/Theresa/Loretta
  • Philip Goodridge Eddy Lacey/Stanley “Tiny”/Uncle Tim Collins/Michael Reardon/Newfoundlander
  • Rebecca De La Cour Laura Lacey/Bride/Nellie Ludlow/Shirley’s Mother/Operator
  • Mike Butler Leo Lacey/Chet “Stretch” Kowalski/Eddie Reardon/Barry Hope



It was raining men and twenty dollar bills, and the young women of Newfoundland loved the downpour. It was another kind of American Invasion. It was 1939 and the beginning of an unprecedented economic boom for Newfoundland, with the arrival of thousands of American servicemen and the building of five American bases across the Island. Making Time with the Yanks is a musical comedy story of the culture clash between the Yanks and the Newfs, their romantic entanglements, all the love and the laughter.

Production type

  • RCA Production