Eli & The Death Curse

Run Dates

March 3, 2011–March 11, 2011

Poster by RCAT/Bare Boards Theatre/Bold Moves Productions.





Eli, a young boy, is afflicted with The Death Curse. Shortly after he is born, his parents die untimely and mysterious deaths. A pattern soon emerges: everyone he becomes close with (and near to) dies. He wanders alone to an orphanage, where he meets his true love Lila. Through a series of fantastic adventures, Lila helps Eli defeat the Death Curse once and for all. Along the way, we meet a melodramatic but kindly Headmistress, an overachiever named Anne and her caustic Aunt Ophelia. Towards the end we even meet Death itself. The story is sensitively told with humour and thoughtfulness, resulting in a magical theatrical experience for people of all ages, who have ever wondered why we have to die in the first place.

Production type

  • RCA Partnership

Producing Partners

  • Bare Boards Theatre
  • Bold Moves Productions