The Battery

Run Dates

April 13, 2011–April 16, 2011, at the Republic

April 16, 2011, PWYC matinee

Poster by Poverty Cove Theatre Company.





Karen and Lizzie, best friends bartending in St. John’s, are forced to question the strength of their bond when one ends up in an abusive relationship. As the characters transition from the steep edges of Signal Hill to The Backroom, a local dive-bar, we meet a collection of neighbourhood regulars who frequent the establishment: Marilyn, a fifty-year-old stripper; Bruce, a KFC-eating divorcee; Cuppy, who always needs to use the phone; Bobby, a victim become villain; and Phillips, a bully who’s out to cut off Bobby’s fingers. The Battery examines the often difficult and challenging loyalties that inform community and surround abusive relationships, in a play that is gritty, adamant, and hysterically funny, while often shocking and heart-breaking.

Production type

  • RCA Partnership

Producing Partners

  • Poverty Cove Theatre Company