Momentum: A Play That Travels By Bus

Run Dates

November 25, 2010–November 27, 2010

Image featuring: Members of Terminal Productions join RCA Theatre as part of the 2010 Lunch at the Hall Series to discuss Momentum. LSPU Hall file photo.

Poster by Terminal Productions.



The audience travels on a bus as the story unfolds across the city of a man’s struggles with his family and himself. Gerry is a man whose future conflicts with his past. He must confront his relationship with his father, his dead mother, and the girl who guides him through these strange encounters. This is a story of sorrow, memory and loss – caught between reality and imagination. There are twists and turns ahead, and it’s best to lean into them. So settle in. A workshop production by Terminal Productions (a student company formed from the Performance and Communications Media program at MUN) with c2c theatre and RCAT.

Production type

  • RCA Partnership

Producing Partners

  • c2c Theatre
  • Terminal Productions
  • Memorial University