Stable Home: Life With Two Horses

Run Dates

March 3, 2016–March 6, 2016

Image featuring: Ruth Lawrence, Luke Lawrence. Photo by: White Rooster Theatre.

Poster by Perfect Day.






In 2014, actress/writer/filmmaker Ruth Lawrence turned 48, her son actor/comedian Luke Lawrence turned 24. Both artists were born in a Year of the Horse. Ruth is a Fire Horse, long believed to be an ominous combination for a woman, leading to rebelliousness and destruction. Luke is a Water Horse, living on a whim with an ‘off the wall’ nature that makes it difficult to develop strong, long-lasting relationships. Just consider that combo, rearing up under the same leaky roof. Now imagine the life they must have shared so far. From skipping class to stifling heartbreak, the audience will travel from open fields to late night car rides with this fun-loving but erratic duo. Some of it will be hard to believe. Heck – they can’t even believe each other!

Production type

  • RCA Presentation

Producing Partners

  • White Rooster Theatre