Live Magazine 2021-22

Run Dates

April 11, 2022

June 27, 2022

Image features: Eda Kumquat. LSPU Hall file photo.

Poster by Perfect Day.




Multi-curated, multi-disciplined, and tons of fun, Live Magazine features a variety of curators and artists performing short acts in the Second Space several times each season.

Production type

  • RCA Production
Image features: (Top row L-R): Eda Kumquat, Madame Daddy (Bottom Row L-R): Bree Parsons, Backslash Garbagefile, Newfound Lad.
Screenshot from livestream of Apr. 11, 2022 Live Magazine.
Image features: An accessibly panel hosted at the Hall for the June 27, 2022 Live Magazine.
LSPU Hall file photo.
Image featuring: Madame Daddy.
LSPU Hall file photo.
Image featuring: Newfound Lad.
LSPU Hall file photo.