East End Story

Run Dates

July 8, 1975–July 13, 1975

Image features: The cast of East End Story. Image Courtesy of Archives & Special Collections at Memorial University Libraries.

Poster by RCA Theatre.





A collective creation by the Mummers Troupe.

RCA Theatre discovered its permanent home, the LSPU Hall, as a result of East End Story. When the Mummers Troupe was commissioned to create a show about the east end of downtown St. John’s, co-founder Chris Brookes went looking for a place in the community to rehearse. Brookes discovered the Longshoremen’s Protective Union Hall, a heritage building constructed after the previous structure had burnt down in 1922. The union agree to rent Brookes the space for rehearsal and performance, leading to the first use of the LSPU Hall as a theatre.

Production type

  • RCA Production