Charlie: Son of Man

Run Dates

March 21, 2019–March 24, 2019

Image features: The cast of Charlie: Son of Man. Photo by Ashley Harding.

Poster by Perfect Day.






Manson was a master manipulator who was so skilled at identifying and exploiting the weaknesses of the people around him that he was able to gather a band of followers, convince them that he was Jesus Christ come to walk among them, and successfully order them to murder seven people in cold blood during the summer of 1969. Echo Productions has taken the Manson Family story and explored how this situation might be possible in the modern era. The facts are the same but the method has changed. While sex and hallucinogenics were the tools of manipulation used by Manson in the late 60’s, in this production he uses sex and today’s drug of choice: mobile phones.

Production type

  • RCA Presentation

Producing Partners

  • Echo Productions