Her Closely

Run Dates

June 11, 2021–June 13, 2021

Image features: The set of Her Closely. Photo by Ritche Perez.

Poster by Perfect Day.






In 1955, Felice walks a large volume of letters to the train station in Rye, NY. In the last years of her life, parting with them seems her most valuable lifeline. Felice in 1912, a Berlin typist-become-sales-executive, keeps to a state of constant motion and supports her family household. Then while visiting a cousin in Prague, she encounters a law clerk craving the life of a successful writer. Weeks later, he abruptly initiates a connection with her through the mail. It might be one of musing and hope for a settled life. It might fuel an inferno of inner-turmoil and validation-seeking. A move to America and decades later, Felice’s side of the dialogue destroyed, can she be witnessed in the release of Franz Kafka’s letters? Or does letting go cast her in a greater shadow?

Production type

  • RCA Production

Producing Partners

  • Double Sure Theatre Co-Op