The Ogre’s Purse

Run Dates

November 18, 2013–December 6, 2013

Image features: Claire Rouleau, Willow Kean, Colin Furlong and Chris Driedzic. Photo by Deirdre Gillard-Rowlings.

Poster by RCA Theatre.





Sky Pirates, Undersea Creatures, Robots, a talking Crow and one Huge Ogre come to life in this lively and colourful modern age fairytale. Jack, Mary and Arthur are three siblings who live on an island in the middle of the ocean. In the best tradition of age old tales, the three have to set forth on a series of adventures to magical places. Four actors bring oodles of astonishing and entertaining characters to life using puppets, costumes, incredible props and compelling set pieces. This action filled play uses story-telling to teach tolerance, acceptance and generosity. Of course we can’t forget to mention the star of the show: The Ogre and his Purse. What’s in the purse? Why does the Ogre have a purse? Did someone steal the purse?

Production type

  • RCA Production